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Welcome to

Here you will find HUMMER pictures and links to HUMMERpages on the net. Soon you also can read the history and facts about the HUMMER.

What: Changed the text on nordic HUMMER summit to past.

This page have been entered 54389 times since I changed this site.(21.06.00)

AM General
Me with the Nokia HUMMER
The Nokia HUMMER
HUMMER summit 1999
HUMMER Summit 2000
Other HUMMER pictures
HUMMER drawings

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HUMMER summit


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If you can't afford a HUMMER you can use this kit to make your car look like a HUMMER.

5 last updates:

  • Added more info about Nordic HUMMER Summit 2001
  • Made a download page with some things to download
  • Changed the main picture. Added a few links.
  • Added a guestbook and a contact me page. Added more information about Nordic HUMMER summit 2001. Added a few new link.
  • Divided the picture page in 2.Changed the image for

Further plans:

  • Write the history of the HUMMER. One Short first, than make a long one later
  • Write some facts about the HUMMER
  • Put on more links to the other link page and categorize the links
  • Take a picture of my HUMMER model collection

I update very seldom now because School and work, so be patient. I love getting mail from you, so please send me some e-mails.